Applications and contact

On the road to networking

Would you like to develop your interdisciplinary research idea through the FAUconnect networking format into a collaborative research application with the aim of acquiring third-party funding in the long-term?

Send us an e-mail or give us a call. We are happy to advise you about applying for FAUconnect and help you devise a proposal suitable for achieving your goals.


  • Project: Your research project should have an innovative approach and be of strategic importance to FAU, as well as have high potential for development into a project eligible for third-party funding.
  • Consortium: Your research consortium should be an interdisciplinary consortium comprising at least 10 particularly well-qualified researchers. Applications may be submitted by all FAU professors, particularly well-qualified lecturers (Privatdozenten/innen), heads of junior research groups and postdoctoral candidates. Other postdoctoral researchers may participate in your networking meetings. Partners from outside the University may also be involved, however, the focus should be on FAU.
  • Speakers: One or two researchers from your consortium act as speakers for the project and submit the declaration of intent for FAUconnect.

Application and approval process

  • To apply for FAUconnect, please complete the declaration of intent and send it to Research Support as an e-mail attachment.
  • You can submit your declaration of intent for FAUconnect to us at any time.
  • The Executive Board then makes a decision about the funding and implementation of your FAUconnect on the basis of the declaration of intent.