Dual Career Service

Planning a dual career

When seeking to appoint qualified researchers, FAU ensures that their partners’ careers are also considered. Dual career couples’ concerns are taken into account in appointment negotiations and dual career issues may be discussed with the Chancellor. A researcher’s decision to accept a position often depends on the career prospects the region can offer their accompanying partner.

Thanks to our membership in the Dual Career Network (DCNN), which is connected to numerous research institutions and companies in all of northern Bavaria, we can significantly increase the chances of successfully finding a job. Please contact the Dual Career Service in the Chancellor’s Office in good time so that we can advise you and your partner as best we can.


FAU supports the partners of newly appointed professors in continuing their career in the region. Thanks to the financial support of the Bavarian State Ministry of Education, Science and the Arts in the form of a programme for the expansion of welcome services for international researchers and as part of the internationalisation programme of Bavarian institutions of higher education, the service is now also available to international postdoctoral researchers.

To ensure the best start to your career in northern Bavaria, the Dual Career Service offers support in

  • job-seeking, e.g. by establishing contacts with potential employers in research, education and industry
  • career planning
  • writing and revising application documents
  • seeking funding schemes and scholarships
  • further professional training and language courses
  • integration into the new environment and establishing a personal network

We will be pleased to support your applications with a letter of endorsement and put you in touch with the right contacts. However, although we offer a broad range of services, we cannot guarantee you employment.

On the Dual Career Network Northern Bavaria website (www.dualcareer-nordbayern.de) you can find detailed information on job-seeking and comprehensive information on various subjects relevant for those moving to northern Bavaria.

Helpful consultation services are also provided by the Family Service (German) the Welcome Centre and the Graduate School at FAU.


In case you would like our support we kindly ask you to send us the contact form plus a current CV.

FAU Chancellor’s Office/Dual Career Service/Dual Career Netzwerk Nordbayern (DCNN)

Yvonne Eder

+49 9131 8523423

E-mail: yvonne.eder@fau.de
Website: www.dualcareer-nordbayern.de