AI - Materials Technology

AI - Materials Technology (B.Sc.)

The future starts here! Ready for a journey into the world of innovation? Welcome to the Bachelor’s degree program in AI Materials Technology at the renowned Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg!

Smart technology now surrounds us everywhere, and the development of artificial intelligence (AI) is progressing at an unprecedented speed. AI engineers who work in companies at the interface between technical implementation and computer science are already among the most sought-after specialists in leading companies.
The Bachelor’s degree course in AI Materials Technology combines the best of materials science and computer science, creating a completely new and important field of training for young people who are interested in both technology and programming. Graduates of this degree course are able to investigate the properties of materials and develop them further in line with the requirements of the future. The focus is on combining hybrid AI and materials science to find solutions for material-specific challenges. Whether it is the development of more environmentally friendly and efficient solar cells, research into lightweight materials or the optimization of recycling processes – AI materials technologists are in demand.

What is the degree program about?

Are you interested in how the materials of the future can make our world more sustainable? Or what contribution materials can make to medical technology and the energy transition? These and many other questions are addressed in the AI Materials Technology degree course. It provides the necessary knowledge to develop materials for a wide range of applications, from microchips and lifestyle products to artificial heart tissue.

The range of possible applications in AI materials technology extends across almost all manufacturing industries. This is why more and more industries are looking for professionals in the field of applied AI.

Materials are omnipresent and keep the world running. Constantly developing and improving these materials is imperative to enable the important combination of innovation and sustainability. KI-Materials Technology focuses on applying the findings of materials science in novel ways to make technology and research more efficient and economical.

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