Computational and Applied Mathematics (CAM)

Computational and Applied Mathematics (CAM) (M.Sc.)

This degree program is tailored to the current needs in applied mathematics and scientific computing. It is designed for students who appreciate using rigorous mathematical analysis or scientific computing to predict phenomena or to optimize processes in the sciences or in engineering. You will acquire a firm grounding in mathematical modeling and applied analysis as well as in high performance computing. You will learn to derive mathematical models and to reflect upon their properties and limitations.

What is the degree program about?

This degree program is designed for students with an interest in mathematics and its application in science and engineering. Mathematical modelling, rigorous analysis and scientific calculations are essential for producing predictions and optimizing processes in scientific and engineering applications. The degree program is tailored to these needs.

As a student on this degree program, you will first acquire a solid knowledge of mathematical modelling, applied analysis and scientific calculation. You will learn how to set up mathematical models and investigate their properties and limitations.

All modules are conducted in English, the international scientific language. The degree program is aimed at students from Germany and from all over the world. In addition to mathematical knowledge, students also strengthen their cultural and communication skills, offering them an advantage in today’s world with international teams working in industry and science.

Compulsory elective modules enable students to tailor their studies to their interests from a wide range of options. The compulsory elective modules reflect the mathematical research which is being conducted at FAU. They range from modelling, PDE analysis and numerical simulations in mathematical continuum mechanics (transport processes in complex multiphase flows, fluid-structure interactions) to multiscale analysis and mathematics in life sciences through to different areas of mathematical optimization, for example structure optimization, optimization with PDEs and discrete optimization.

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