Dentistry (state examination)

Study dentistry at FAU! Gain knowledge in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of dental, oral and maxillofacial diseases. The interdisciplinary approach links dentistry with human medicine, as oral diseases can affect the entire body. The degree program includes theoretical, scientific and practical training, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary thinking.

What is the degree program about?

Dentistry or dental medicine is a medical specialty that covers the prevention, detection and treatment of diseases in the dental, oral and maxillofacial region. The study of dentistry and human medicine must be closely linked, since pathological changes in the oral cavity can affect the entire organism. Also, initial symptoms of various medical conditions often manifest in the oral cavity. In the study of dentistry, great importance is attached to interdisciplinary thinking.

During their studies, students receive theoretical, scientific and practical training. At the beginning of the studies, natural science subjects such as physics and chemistry as well as basic subjects such as anatomy and physiology are taught. Gradually, more and more relevant medical as well as dental subjects (phantom courses, treatment courses) are incorporated into the timetable. The practical part of the degree program is designed to prepare students in the best possible way for later working life.

After successful completion of the studies, one acquires the license to practice as a dentist and thus the right to practice dentistry. Further specialist training is not necessary to work as a dentist. However, four years of further training as a specialist dentist for orthodontics or specialist dentist for oral surgery as well as further curricula and associated specializations are possible. To become a specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery, a degree in human medicine and dentistry is required, as well as five years of specialist training.

Bewerbung für Medizin, Zahnmedizin, Pharmazie


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