Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities (Module studies)

The Digital Humanities program offers exciting insights into the digital world of the social sciences and humanities. Accessible to all ages and with no admission restrictions, it enables students to understand and shape digital processes. Digital Humanities is a flexible and diverse modular program that shapes the future.

What is the degree program about?

The “Module Studies Digital Humanities” are an orientation offer at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), which is studied for two semesters. During this time, lectures, seminars and exercises of the Bachelor’s program Digital Humanities and Social Sciences can be taken and exams can be taken in them, which can be credited in the subsequent studies, if applicable. During this time, students have full student status as defined by the Bavarian Higher Education Act.

FAU’s Digital Humanities module studies offer the opportunity to acquire subject-specific fundamentals and practical application skills in the field of digital humanities and social sciences and to graduate with a certificate. Students of all disciplines, prospective students, working professionals and seniors can enroll in the module studies.

Do you need help or more information?

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