German and French Law

German and French Law (LL.M.)

Exceptional legal education: “German-French Law” opens up limitless possibilities. Full degrees, international demand. Three semesters in Rennes, cultural exchange. Joint studies with French, six exciting semesters.

What is the degree program about?

The integrated degree program “German-French Law” aims to train lawyers who are not only proficient in both languages, but who are also familiar with both legal systems. Graduates receive both a regular German law degree, and a degree that is fully recognized in France.
For this purpose, a three-semester course of study is planned at the partner university Rennes. Special emphasis is placed on the cultural and professional exchange with the French fellow students, in that German and French students of one year group study together for a total of six semesters. In addition, students study European and international law in depth.

Deutsch-Französisches Recht

Bewerbung für zulassungsfreie Studiengänge


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