Food Chemistry

Food Chemistry (state examination)

Are you interested in the fascinating world of food and would like to learn more about how it is chemically composed? Then the Food Chemistry degree program is just right for you!

As a food chemist, you will immerse yourself in the complex science of food. You will study the composition, quality, safety and human health impact of food. In doing so, you will work with state-of-the-art analytical methods and technologies to examine foods for their constituents, identifying potential contaminants or allergens, for example.

What is the degree program about?

How do you track down olive oil counterfeiters? How much antibiotic residue is in chicken meat? Is spinach really so healthy? And how is the flavor created in the production of chocolate? Food chemists are experts on the chemical composition of food and its ingredients. They investigate changes that occur during the production, storage or processing of foods and check the food purity, quality and safety.

In addition to the control of actual foodstuffs, food chemists are also responsible for the analysis of drinking water, tobacco and cosmetic products, animal feed and everyday articles that come into contact with the human body or with food (e.g. packaging materials or toys). Understanding how individual ingredients affect the body and the environment is also a key aspect of the degree program Food Chemistry.

The Food Chemistry degree program is a practice-oriented program which includes theoretical and practical courses in equal parts. In addition, several excursions to various companies and institutions provide opportunities to contact future employers, gain insights into industrial practice and get to know the broad field of activity of a food chemist.

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