Mathematics (M.Sc.)

Mathematics is a science that deals with problems ranging from ancient number theory to very modern computational problems that go beyond the capacity limits of current computers. The master’s degree program introduces students to mathematical research and opens up excellent prospects for later work. Mathematicians are very flexible in their work and are therefore among the most sought-after university graduates today and in the future.

What is the degree program about?

In the master’s degree program in Mathematics, you will acquire competencies that are necessary for independent and autonomous scientific work. The courses offered in the Master of Mathematics reflect the research spectrum of the Department of Mathematics. Theoretical mathematics focuses on the pillars of algebra and geometry as well as on mathematics in the natural sciences, which is represented by analysis, mathematical physics and stochastics. Applied mathematics offers within its pillar modeling, simulation and optimization research areas with great proximity to technical, industrial and economic fields of application. Analysis and numerics of partial differential equations are also research areas of the department with direct relation to natural sciences or engineering.

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