Mechatronics (B.Sc.)

Mechatronics deals with the combination of electronics, mechanics and computer science and thus forms an interface between several technical disciplines. The integration of intelligent and automated systems enables complex and efficient production processes. The bachelor’s degree program in mechatronics provides in-depth knowledge of mechanics, electrical engineering and computer science, thus laying the foundation for a successful career in industry or research. After graduation, graduates have access to fields of activity in various sectors, such as the automotive industry, mechanical and plant engineering, and robotics and sensor technology.

What is the degree program about?

Mechatronics is still a young, technical field with a very high degree of innovation and great growth potential. Today, many mechatronic products are already an integral part of our everyday lives, such as ABS, ESP, an electric window regulator or transmission controls in cars, modern robots in industry, a simple DVD player or even the controls of large commercial aircraft.

Mechatronic systems automatically acquire information and signals, independently extract new data from them and convert them into forces and movements. Mechatronics therefore combines content from the classic engineering disciplines of mechanical engineering/mechanics, electrical engineering/electronics and computer science and links them to form a new, future-proof subject area in which interdisciplinary and systems engineering thinking plays a major role.

The bachelor’s degree program in mechatronics at FAU imparts comprehensive basic knowledge from the fields of mechanical engineering, electronics/electrical engineering and computer science. This enables graduates to later independently familiarize themselves with the wide range of tasks and to master the constantly changing problems encountered in professional practice. The program consists of compulsory, elective and optional modules and includes ten weeks of practical work experience, as well as a bachelor’s thesis lasting approximately ten weeks, which must be completed during the course of study.

The standard period of study is six semesters. The number of points required for successful completion – the organization of studies and examinations is based on the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System – is 180 ECTS points in the Bachelor’s program.

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