Public Law

Public Law (B.A.)

The study of public law enables you to understand and actively shape the foundations of our society. Explore how legal rules operate in government, society, business and the private sector. Learn how laws are created, who implements them, and how they are applied in court cases. Delve into the exciting field of constitutional law, which includes fundamental rights and rules governing government bodies. Explore administrative law and learn how government agencies act and how to defend against decisions.

What is the degree program about?

Coexistence in the state, society, the economy and in the private sphere is shaped by legal rules in the form of laws and regulations. By studying public law, you will learn how these rules are made, who implements them, and how they are applied in court proceedings.

Public law includes first of all constitutional law: these are the rules that apply to the state organs (Bundestag, Federal Government, etc.) as well as the fundamental rights (e.g. freedom of religion, freedom of opinion and freedom of assembly). In addition, public law includes administrative law, which deals on the one hand with the actions of public authorities, and on the other hand with how one can defend oneself against decisions of the administration. Finally, we include the law of the European Union (EU) and the law that applies to all states (international law) in public law.

Public law and political action are closely related: One realizes this when thinking about elections to the Bundestag, the importance of EU rules for economic policy decisions, or the review of laws by the Federal Constitutional Court. That is why you can combine the first subject Political Science with the second subject Public Law in Erlangen.

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