Why was Nepal badly prepared for the earthquake on 25 April 2015?

The combined effects of plate tectonics, poverty, bad infrastructure and political failings

The student initiative BEST Erlangen

Promoting an international exchange among students

Making two out of one

Chemists and physicists at FAU are investigating singlet fission, a process in which one photon excites two electrons

FAU Open Research Challenge

International contest seeking solutions to cutting-edge science problems

The Arian controversy or 'Is Jesus God?'

In their research project 'Athanasius Werke' (Athanasius's works) theologists at FAU are investigating a turning point in church history: the controversy surrounding the proper understanding of the Trinity.

What makes us keep snacking?

For many of us, once we open a packet of crisps there is no stopping us – we keep eating until it is empty. Food chemists at FAU have now discovered a possible explanation for why some types of food are more tempting than others.

Paths of light

Wege des Lichts

Innovative Materials

Vom Molekül zum Material - Innovative Materialien

Cultures and Disasters II

Disasters, vulnerability and the significance of cultural understanding: four myths, weddings and funerals...