English-speaking tour of FAU’s botanical gardens

Come join us for our first free and public English-speaking tour on Saturday, July 11, at 2.30 pm

Two sides to the sun

The sun: it makes us happy and wards off depression, but it can also cause serious diseases.

FAU Open Research Challenge

Young scientists invited to compete in global Open Research Challenge

‘Physical quantities are nothing more than quantitative metaphors’

Prof. Mecke explains how we make natural phenomena comprehensible

Developing new technology for multi-material components

Additive manufacturing is the technical term for what most of us know as 3D printing. In industry this technology enables components to be produced in almost any shape and quantity. At FAU, researchers at Collaborative Research Centre 814 – Additive manufacturing (SFB 814) are researching ways to further improve this technology.

Paths of light

Wege des Lichts

Innovative Materials

Vom Molekül zum Material - Innovative Materialien

Cultures and Disasters II

Disasters, vulnerability and the significance of cultural understanding: four myths, weddings and funerals...