FAU performs well in business and economics

Erlangen Castle (Image: FAU)

Erlangen Castle (Image: FAU)

The CHE University Ranking awards FAU top places for international orientation, for graduates who complete their degree within the standard duration of studies and for research publications

FAU is placed in the leading group for its School of Business and Economics and its Information Systems degree programme in the CHE University Ranking. In the ranking of universities and other higher education institutions published in the ZEIT newspaper’s study guide for 2014/15, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg ranked highly in key categories: in business and economics, the international orientation is evaluated as particularly positive – not least thanks to the International Business Studies degree programme. The number of research publications and the percentage of graduates who complete their degree within the standard duration of studies are also above average.

FAU can likewise be proud of its performance in the area of information systems: here the University is ranked in the top three, especially in terms of practical orientation – the number of research publications is also in the top range for this area.

‘Business and economics at FAU have developed fantastically in recent years – the constantly increasing number of students is another indication of this,’ says Prof. Dr. Antje Kley, Vice President for Studying at FAU. ‘Degree programmes like International Business Studies, in particular, show how important international orientation is for students today.’

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