Pioneers of digital teaching

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FAU receives funding for digital courses

As part of the SMART vhb line of funding, FAU has been awarded 372,000 euros from the Virtual University of Bavaria (vhb). This makes it one of the three universities to have been given the highest amount of funding. The money will be used to design a total of 186 new teaching units, the majority of them for language learning. However, units will also be created to introduce students studying for a teaching degree in biology to creative and suitable ways to use digital tools to analyse data and publications. The courses will be offered via the vhb.

When approving funding, Bavaria’s science minister Bernd Sibler emphasised FAU’s pioneering role in digital teaching in Bavaria: ‘FAU was quick to recognise the signs of the times and commit to promoting digitalisation. With the virtual courses FAU already offers and the new courses which are to be added, FAU offers its students a groundbreaking way of studying for the future. I am very pleased to see such innovation and progressive thinking!

The vhb is a digital platform in which several universities are involved. It provides students with access to a wide range of blended learning units for more flexible studying

FAU also provides courses for the OPEN vhb, which offers the general public courses for free.