New look for the website

Handy, Tablet und Bildschirm zeigen neue FAU-Webseite
The FAU website was relaunched: Fresh new design for the welcome page and a new main navigation (Image: FAU/Luisa Gerlitz)

A fresh new design for the welcome page and a new main navigation

The FAU website was relaunched in 2014. Since then, five years have passed. Five years in which a lot has happened on the internet – and at FAU. Bearing this in mind, and at the request of the Executive Board, the main navigation of has now been altered to reflect the four strategic priorities ‘People’, ‘Education’, ‘Research’ and ‘Outreach’ and the welcome page has been given a fresh new design. These changes have now also been implemented on our English website.

Now and again, visitors to the website may experience difficulties in finding exactly where to look, although we have set up links which should forward you to the right place. Please feel free to contact us at if you run into any problems in this respect. We look forward to receiving your feedback on our refreshed website, are happy to answer any questions you may have on the new structure and would appreciate it if you could bring any mistakes to our attention.