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Representatives of EELISA partner universities met to decide on a common strategy. (image: EELISA)

Kick-off meeting in Madrid for EELISA partner universities

The aim of EELISA, the European Engineering Learning Innovation & Science Alliance, is to train a new generation of students across various countries to use intelligent technologies and sustainable solutions to tackle the current global challenges. FAU is one of the universities involved in the project. Representatives of the various universities and partners from across Europe met in Madrid to decide on strategic guidelines for joint European collaboration in teaching, research, innovation and what is known as the third mission.

The first face-to-face meeting of the EELISA governing board covered various aspects of academic recognition and explored various options for student involvement in the EELISA programme. The members of the board also discussed how to provide proof of participation in challenge-based working groups, known as EELISA Communities. EELISA Communities bring students, teachers and researchers from all partner universities together with reputable experts, NGOs, citizens, private companies and public institutions in order to explore innovative joint solutions to real challenges.

Alongside the governing board meeting, the kick-off meeting of EELISA Innovation and Common Research Strategy (InnoCore) was also held. InnoCore was developed to initiate international collaboration in research and innovation on the basis of EELISA.

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