A cup with the President – Episode 8: Prof. Dr. Dagmar Fischer

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(Picture: FAU/Mijat)

Visiting Prof. Dr. Dagmar Fischer at the Department Chemistry and Pharmacy

Each semester, FAU president Prof. Dr. Joachim Hornegger sets out to visit professors who have just recently joined FAU. At their respective institutes, he gets to know them better as they talk about their research and share what is important to them.

This series brings a brief introduction of the researcher and allows a peek into such visit by the president.

In this episode, episode 8, the president stops by Prof. Dr. Dagmar Fischer’s office. She is in charge of the chair of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy.

Eine Frau und ein Mann stehen in einem Labor.
(Picture: FAU/Mijat)

Dagmar Fischer is investigating how to develop nano materials that can function as carrier systems for agents. Her focus lies on infections, inflammation and aging processes.

Eine Frau und ein Mann stehen in einem Labor und unterhalten sich.
(Picture: FAU/Mijat)

What she finds particularly fascinating about her work is the aspect of multidisciplinarity and the necessary exchange with clinics, users and other fundamental sciences.

Eine Frau und ein Mann sitzen sich an einem Tisch gegenüber und unterhalten sich.
(Picture: FAU/Mijat)

Dagmar Fischer worked at the University of Jena before coming to FAU.

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(Picture: FAU/Mijat)

She loves to marvel at the ocean, the world beneath the water surface, and the force it carries.

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