FAU’s Student Records Office

Your point of contact

We remain available to answer your enquiries via e-mail and telephone.

The Student Records Office in Erlangen is your point of contact for any questions about your studies. Data for all of the University’s students is managed there. If any of your details change (e.g. name change), you must inform the Student Records Office as soon as possible. Students can update their address online via the IdM portal.

During office hours, the staff of the Student Records Office will be happy to help you with a wide range of topics.

The Student Records Office can help with questions about the following:

Opening hours:

Office hours:
  • Jede Woche Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr,
  • Additional opening hours (only during the lecture period): Wednesday, 2.00 – 4.00 pm


Benjamin Lang, VA

Room: Room 0.035

Ingrid Hammer, VA

Room: Room 0.034

Nicolas Kernwein, VA

Room: Room 0.036

Petra Müller, VA

Room: Room 0.034

Doris Nitsche, VA

Room: Room 0.036

Sabine Schröder, VA

Room: Room 0.034

Olga Seewald, VA

Room: Room 0.036

Andrea Siegert, VA

Room: Room 0.034 (derzeit im Homeoffice)

Sonya Wernicke, VA

Room: Room 0.034

Renate Winkler, VA

Room: Room 0.036