Guest students

Everything you need to know as a guest student at FAU

If you do not join FAU straight after finishing school you can attend courses as a guest student. If you intend to make use of FAU’s extensive course offer you also need to enrol and pay tuition fees. Tuition fees are calculated as follows:

  • up to 4 semester hours per week (SWS) per semester: 100 euros
  • 5 to 8 SWS: 200 euros
  • more than 8 SWS: 300 euros

The following overview sets out what is required of you and what you have to bear in mind when choosing the courses you would like to attend:

The Bavarian Higher Education Act (Bayerisches Hochschulgesetz; BayHSchG) gives students two alternative options for enrolment:

  1.  (ordentliche/r) Student(in) – student: ‘Anyone who is enrolled at a university is a student.’
  2.  Gaststudierende – guest student: ‘Anyone who is enrolled at a university to attend individual courses only is a guest student.’

Guest students and students pursue different goals:

  • Guest students do not obtain a degree. Students, however, usually intend to obtain a university degree that qualifies them for professional work.
  • While students enrol for a specific degree programme guest students enrol for individual courses only.

Under the Bavarian Higher Education Act it is generally not permissible

  • to be enrolled as a student at several universities at the same time (Section 42 (2) BayHSchG)
  • to enrol as both a student and a guest student at the same time at the same university (Section 2 (3) of the enrolment, re-registration and de-registration regulations of Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, 28 November 2006)

The Bavarian Higher Education Act allows students of one university to enrol at a second university as a guest student at the same time, though. Usually, this is done if individual courses important for the degree programme are not offered at the primary university.

While guest students acquire numerous rights through enrolment they are not

  • members of the university and
  • are not eligible for student health insurance
  • and student social benefits.

The qualifications required for enrolment are the same for both guest students and students. The University may allow exceptions if the applicant:

  1. has an intermediate school-leaving qualification (intermediate school-leaving certificate from a public or state-recognised Realschule or a certificate recognised as being equivalent by the Bavarian State Ministry of Education, Science and the Arts), or
  2. can prove that they have a particular interest in the individual courses and the University concludes based on the applicant’s educational background, professional experience and other personal circumstances that they will be fit to attend the individual course for which they would like to enrol.

This exception does not apply for enrolment for courses in which credits can be obtained.

Guest students hand in their enrolment application in person within the general enrolment periods at the Student Records Office in Erlangen, Halbmondstr. 6, room 0.034 The enrolment deadline for guest students is always at the start of the lecture period.

In addition to the enrolment application for guest students (German) the following documents (two copies each) must be submitted:

  • proof of university entrance qualification (see section ‘Proof of university entrance qualification’),
  • German students: German national identity card, alternatively passport; international students: passport and residence permit valid at least for the entire lecture period of the semester
  • degree progress record from another university (Studienbuch) if applicable
  • international students and applicants whose first language is not German: proof of sufficient knowledge of German (DSH examination certificate of German language proficiency)
  • proof of payment of tuition fees to be paid by guest students (see section ‘Tuition fees’)

Guest students must register for specific courses on enrolment Courses are listed in the current course catalogue (German). Registering for courses as a guest student is subject to restrictions:

  • As a rule, you can only register for courses belonging to degree programmes with admission restrictions if no lab workspaces (e.g. in sciences or engineering) or permanent workplaces (e.g. computing modules) are required.
  • Guest students may also register for language courses where places are available. For language courses, you must register as a guest student with the Student Records Office in advance. Guest students must pay an additional fee based on the semester hours per week (SWS) for language courses at the Language Centre. Details of fees and more information are available on the Language Centre’s website (German).
  • You cannot enrol for courses in medicine and dentistry unless the courses are expressly available for the Studium Generale or for mature students.
  • As a rule, guest students can attend the courses stated in the enrolment application and confirmed by the University, to the extent the courses are actually held. Guest students are not entitled to attend courses for which the number of participants is limited where the places available are taken up by students of the University. This does not apply if a guest student is enrolled as a student at another university, the courses are not offered at the other university and attending the courses at FAU is required for completion of the degree programme at the home university (see ‘Enrolment status of guest students’).
  • It is not possible to sit examinations as a guest student.

A guest student is enrolled for the semester in which their course is held. Their enrolment ends at the end of this semester. For the summer semester, this is 30 September, for the winter semester this is 31 March. If a guest student wishes to continue studying or attend another course after the end of the semester, they need to enrol again.

The dates for enrolment are available on the website listing the enrolment deadlines.

Fees must be paid prior to enrolment. They can be paid in two ways:

  • at the University’s Payment Office (Zahlstelle) at Turnstraße 5 in Erlangen (opening hours: Mon – Thu 9 a.m.–12 p.m., Fr 9 a.m. – 11.00 a.m., Tue 2 p.m. – 3 p.m.; present your receipt when enrolling)
  • or by bank transfer at least 10 days prior to enrolment

Bank transfer details:

Reference (exactly in this order): 000201552444 GASTHÖRER SURNAME, FIRST NAME
IBAN: DE66700500000301279280