ERASMUS + Documents and forms

ERASMUS+ Documents and forms

After being nominated to the host university by the Central Office for International Affairs (RIA) or your department, you still have to apply/register to study there. In addition to various application forms, you often have to submit a Learning Agreement stating the subjects to be studied abroad and their equivalent at FAU. Various documents and forms also have to be submitted to the Central Office for International Affairs before you can be granted Erasmus funding. Information on the individual documents and deadlines can be found in the Erasmus guidelines. Your rights and obligations as an Erasmus student are set forth in the ‘Erasmus+ Student Charter’. Please click on the relevant year in order to download the guidelines, Learning Agreement and other relevant documents and forms.

ERASMUS+ students in the academic year 2021/22

Erasmus Dokumente 2020-21 File size
Merkblatt zur Krankenversicherung 20-21 EN.pdf 34 KB
Merkblatt zur Krankenversicherung 20-21 DE.pdf 36 KB
Learning Agreement 20-21.doc 132 KB
Infoblatt für ausländische Studierende.pdf 206 KB
Erasmus Leitfaden 20-21 DE.pdf 295 KB
Erasmus Guidelines 20-21 EN.pdf 297 KB
Erasmus Charta 20-21 DE.pdf 941 KB
Erasmus+ Charta 20-21 EN.pdf 780 KB
Confirmation of Stay 20-21 EN.pdf 550 KB
Confirmation of Stay 20-21 DE.pdf 554 KB
BAföG-Förderung im Ausland - Zuständige Ämter.pdf 85 KB
Antrag auf Verlängerung 20-21.pdf 555 KB
Erasmus Dokumente 2021-22 File size
Erasmus Leitfaden 2021 FP2020 EN.pdf 423 KB
Erasmus Leitfaden 2021 FP2020 DE.pdf 421 KB
2021-22 Confirmation of stay EN.pdf 437 KB
Erasmus Partnerländer 2020-21 File size
Erasmus Leitfaden Partnerländer 2020-21 DE.pdf 394 KB
Erasmus Guidelines Partner Countries 2020-21 EN.pdf 388 KB
Erasmus Partnerländer 2021-22 File size
Erasmus Leitfaden Partnerländer 2021-22 Englisch.pdf 279 KB
Erasmus Leitfaden Partnerländer 2021-22.pdf 283 KB

Online Linguistic Support (OLS)

The European Commission provides an online language test for Erasmus+ students which consists of two parts: part 1 to be completed before the mobility and part 2 to be completed after the mobility. Neither your FAU departmental coordinator nor your host university will receive the result. The aim of the test is to receive results which can be used for comparative purposes to document any progress made in learning the language. At present, the test is available for the following languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Greek, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish and Czech. After completing the test you will receive an automatic confirmation of the level achieved, either by e-mail or directly online. This is not an official language certificate and cannot be used as such. It is only meant for your personal records.

EU Online Survey

After completing your time abroad as an Erasmus+ student, all participants are required to fill out a final report online (EU Online Survey).