How do I draw up my study plan?

Structuring your semester

You are given a timetable at school, but this is not usually the case at university. There are exceptions to this – please refer to the website for your degree programme to find out whether a set study plan is available. However, students usually have to create their study plan for each semester themselves.

This can be complicated, as sometimes courses and lectures may clash or must be taken in a certain semester. Others are only available in the summer semester, or only available in the winter semester. It is therefore incredibly important that you find out all of the necessary information at the start of your studies.

The Student Advice and Career Service (IBZ) recommends you take the following steps:

  1. Use the degree programme and examination regulations or module handbook for your degree programme to find out which courses (such as seminars and lectures) you are required to take.
  2. Find the required courses in the UnivIS course catalogue.
  3. Add the courses which you have chosen to your draft study plan by clicking ‘Sammlung/Stundenplan’ (collection/study plan).
  4. Take your study plan with you to the introduction event for your degree programme.

Make sure you attend the introduction event for your degree programme which will provide you with valuable, detailed information and answers to frequently asked questions.

Faculty-specific information


Registration is required for many seminars, tutorials, elementary courses, etc. It is usually possible to do this online via the various student portals:

Do you have any more questions?

Even after you’ve gone through all of the information, you may still have some questions. FAU’s Student Advice and Career Service (IBZ) and the Student Service Centre at your faculty can help you with general queries and the subject advisors can help you with subject-related questions. Addresses, office hours and telephone numbers for the subject advisors for specific degree programmes can be found in the overview of degree programmes.