Emerging Fields Initiative

New Call for EFI Proposals

Image: FAU

Image: FAU

The Emerging Fields Initiative has become a successful strategic instrument and means of launching new projects at FAU. This is now the fourth time that a call for applications has been made with the aim of initiating visionary ideas for projects and reacting rapidly to new academic challenges. The EFI projects are due to start in early 2019 and will be funded over two years. Funding can be extended for a further year after a positive evaluation. The maximum funding for one project is 300,000 euros per year.

Applications can now be submitted – preliminary proposals should be received by 22 April 2018.

For the first time, applications may now also be submitted by particularly well-qualified lecturers (Privatdozenten/innen), heads of junior research groups and habilitaion candidates, as well as all FAU professors (W1–W3). They are expected to be high achievers in their field, depending on their career level, and to have excellent qualifications in the relevant area of research.

Applicants for EFI projects must submit a preliminary proposal in English by 22 April 2018 including the research profiles of all researchers involved in the project (efi@fau.de).

Please submit an informal declaration of intent by 23 March 2018 to allow time for external review arrangements to be made.

All forms and information can be found on the download page.