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Emerging Talents Initiative

We promote talent

FAU aims to identify and promote outstanding projects and talents at an early stage. While the Emerging Fields Initiative (EFI) focuses on large interdisciplinary projects, the Emerging Talents Initiative (ETI) is designed to support excellent postdoctoral researchers by providing them with an opportunity to develop scientific independence and establish themselves in their field of research.

All postdoctoral researchers at FAU, up to six years after their graduation, who are not habilitated and before the intermediate evaluation of their junior professorship are eligible to apply. ETI particularly supports first-time applicants and female candidates. The initiative is not open to members of the Faculty of Medicine as the Faculty has its own separate programmes (e.g. ELAN/IZKF first-time applicant programme) to which they may apply.

ETI funding supports outstanding postdoctoral researchers by enabling them to apply to an external funding provider (e.g. Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) or European Research Council (ERC)) during the funding period (12 months). The maximum amount of funding that may be awarded is 15,000 euros.

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Within this budget, postdoctoral researchers may apply for any measures required to prepare their application for third-party funding, such as staff costs, consumables, publication costs or travel expenses. In addition, all recipients of ETI funding are offered supporting measures such as mentoring and courses on third-party applications. ETI also aims to establish an extensive network of young researchers that participants will continue to have access to after the end of the funding period.

Further information about the ETI programme is available in the funding guidelines which can be found on the downloads page.

How can I apply for ETI funding?

Information on how to apply and on the funding procedure is available on the corresponding pages.