Art History

Art History (B.A.)

Are you interested in what other peculiarities the bell tower of Pisa has, besides the fact that it is leaning? Why Michelangelo’s David was placed in front of the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence? Why Dan Brown’s theories about mysterious ciphers in Leonardo’s Last Supper leave us completely cold? Or why the discussion about Mona Lisa’s smile is long out of date? Then studying art history could be the right thing for you.

Here, not only painting, sculpture and architecture are to be closely examined, described and analyzed. Deciphering the motifs and classifying the works is also one of our exciting tasks. Different research methods and a wide-ranging knowledge of objects enable students to access even lesser-known works.

What is the degree program about?

Art history

– is a humanities subject that deals with artistic objects from late antiquity to the present (investigation of origin, form, content and meaning, chronological and geographic classification)

– is dedicated to all genres of art (architecture, sculpture, painting, graphic arts, decorative arts, photography, new media, etc.)

– addresses early modern, modern, and contemporary European art as well as art in non-European countries

– deals with artists and art theory as well as with the interpretation and perception of works of art

– has points of contact with many other academic disciplines, such as archaeology, book studies, history, literary studies, media and theater studies, philosophy and theology

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