Art History

Art History (M.A.)

The degree program includes a specific curriculum within which students can choose a specialization area. Cooperation with the major museums and institutions in the Nuremberg metropolitan region enables students to work on the objects themselves in a practice-oriented manner.

What is the degree program about?

Art History is the science of the form, content and meaning of works of art and architecture in their historical development as well as in their socio-cultural contexts. The time frame of the degree program ranges from the early Middle Ages to the present. The curriculum focuses on works of art, artists, art theory, methods of analysis, and the history of reception.

The four-semester master’s degree program offers an interdisciplinary, in-depth study of European and, in modern times, increasingly global art history as well as cultural exchange processes. The degree program incorporates new media, virtual art, and digital tools for art historical research and presentation in addition to traditional art works.

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