Chemical Engineering - Sustainable Chemical Technologies

Chemical Engineering - Sustainable Chemical Technologies (M.Sc.)

In the degree program “Chemical Engineering – Sustainable Chemical Technologies” you will deepen your knowledge in the area of sustainability (including process synthesis and intensification, life cycle assessment, green chemistry and catalysis, renewable raw materials, energy, waste, recycling, toxicology, legislation, costs and overall assessment) and can choose two additional specializations according to your interests. Our program is international, research and practice-oriented and accredited!

What is the degree program about?

Sustainability calls for social development that meets the needs of the present generations while keeping open the development options of future generations. The equal consideration of economic, ecological, societal and social objectives is a fundamental and decisive factor in this regard.

The degree program in Chemical Engineering – Sustainable Chemical Technologies (CEN) focuses on the use of material resources and their conversion while considering sustainability and thereby evaluating possible effects for future generations.

The four-semester Master’s degree program in CEN imparts advanced knowledge of process engineering. Current research topics from the field of “green technologies” are incorporated into the teaching.

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