Cultural History of Christianity

Cultural History of Christianity (B.A.)

Are you interested in the function and social as well as historical significance of sacred works of art? How religious practices were changed and influenced by the interpretation of Christian theologians? Or what the relics of late antiquity or early Christianity said about the politics of the time? Then you have come to the right place! Discover the world of Christian-influenced European culture and Oriental Christianity.

What is the degree program about?

Society, art, literature and politics were already closely intertwined in the Middle Ages – with Christianity as the foundation. In the study program Cultural History of Christianity, sources and phenomena of the Christian-influenced European culture and oriental Christianity are developed, interpreted and historically classified. The study imparts basic knowledge of the history of Christianity of over 2000 years.

For example, we ask ourselves questions about the dimensions of meaning of religious practices, for example in liturgy. The sacral function, but also the political explosive power, of Christian works of art is examined. What biblical content is used in these objects? What do the artistic and literary relics of this time say about society and politics? By which important theologians, mystics or other chroniclers were biblical interpretations influenced and how did these changes affect religious practices? How is the development of Christianity to be understood against the background of the disintegrating late Roman Empire? Understanding communication, interaction, and media representations of Christianity also requires a good scholarly knowledge of the origin, content, and structure of the Bible.

In short, the course provides an overview of the most important cultural achievements of Christianity in a historical perspective. The content offered, which consists of six theological sub-subjects, makes clear the important role played by theology: Early Church History, Modern Church History, Christian Archaeology and Art History, History and Theology of the Christian East, Old Testament and New Testament.

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