Development Economics and International Studies (DEIS)

Development Economics and International Studies (DEIS) (M.A.)

The Master’s degree program in Development Economics and International Studies (MA DEIS) taught in English refines your knowledge and skills for jobs in public, non-profit and private organizations. Whether you want to work in leadership positions or at the intersection of research and practice, or you want to pursue an academic career, the MA DEIS will prepare you perfectly. Immerse yourself in challenging course content, explore current developments, and gain the expertise needed to tackle complex global challenges.

What is the degree program about?

The “Master of Arts in Development Economics and International Studies” (MA DEIS) is an economics-centered program designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of students planning to work in or seek leadership responsibilities in public, non-profit, and private sector organizations for international cooperation and development. It is also aimed at students intending to work at the intersection between research and practice and at those pursuing an academic career in study-related subjects.

It is a two-year (four-semester) program and includes rigorous training in analytical as well as qualitative and quantitative methods. In particular, with the increasing availability of micro data (e.g. household or company-level data) and the importance of evidence-based policy making, students learn how to do applied empirical work in (development) economics, with a special emphasis on impact evaluations. This includes both experimental methods, such as randomized field experiments, and quasi-experimental methods. The program hence provides students with the skills to understand much of the empirical literature in development economics. Also, and importantly, as part of this training, students will become acquainted with the statistical software Stata, with the aim of enabling students to do their own empirical analyses.

Each year, a group of about 20-25 students enrolls in the program with 50%-70% of students coming from abroad. The language of instruction is English.

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