Education (M.A.)

Learn to reflect on and shape educational and developmental processes. Our broad general education approach offers you a variety of career opportunities in education, business, politics and culture. Choose from concentrations in Aesthetic and Cultural Education, International Education, Media Education or Organizational Education and expand your knowledge in these areas. Develop not only design skills, but also skills in scientific research on educational issues.

What is the degree program about?

The master’s degree program in pedagogy imparts knowledge and competencies for reflecting on and shaping situations and processes of education, upbringing and qualification. Thus, it offers foundations for supporting individual and collective learning and development processes, whereby it is oriented towards education that accompanies the entire life course. At the same time, it is systematically related to the professional development of pedagogically relevant institutions in the various sectors of society, in education, economy, politics, culture, science, religion, family and everyday life.

As a graduate of this Master’s degree program, many social fields of action are accordingly open to you, whereby this multitude of options at FAU comes to bear in three ways:

  • Broad general educational perspective
  • Content profiling (aesthetic and cultural education, international education, media education or organizational education)
  • Scientific and research orientation

The Master’s degree program not only imparts design competencies, but also competencies of systematic reflection and methodologically sound research on pedagogical issues in the various fields.

Students receive in-depth academic training in an educational profile (aesthetic and cultural education, international education, media education or organizational education) and comprehensive knowledge with regard to the foundations, fields of action, methods and contexts of these areas. They thus develop specific professional pedagogical fields of activity on the basis of a well-founded scientific discussion and learn to be able to assess, reflect and scientifically analyze the structural demands and challenges of these professional fields.

Do you need help or more information?

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