Electromobility-ACES (M.Sc.)

Electromobility is more than just a trend – it’s redefining the way we get around. Imagine a world where vehicles glide silently and glide through the streets with zero emissions. Electromobility is the path to a sustainable and climate-friendly transportation system based on renewable energies. It is the key to combating climate change!

The ACES fields of specialization in the interdisciplinary electromobility degree program go far beyond pure electromobility and reflect the competencies of the Faculty of Engineering and the fields of action for the future of mobility: AI & Autonomous driving, Connectivity, E-powertrain, Sustainable mobility & Production technology.

What is the degree program about?

Electromobility describes the mobility of people and goods by vehicles with electric drive (according to Wikipedia). Electromobility is thus a central component of a sustainable and climate-friendly transport system based on renewable energies.

The switch to electromobility represents an extremely important step toward combating climate change.

According to current studies, electric cars will already be cheaper to manufacture than combustion-powered cars from around 2025. For this reason, the industry is already looking for engineers with in-depth knowledge of electromobility.

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