Empires and Transcontinental Spaces

Empires and Transcontinental Spaces (M.A.)

Explore the diversity of the world and broaden your horizons in the Master’s degree program Empires and Transcontinental Spaces. Through study abroad, you’ll gain hands-on experience and immerse yourself in transatlantic, transpacific and European-Asian relations. The interdisciplinary program opens doors to exciting career opportunities. Be part of a global community critically questioning and shaping the history and future of the world.

What is the degree program about?

The Master Empires and Transcontinental Spaces is an interdisciplinary degree program offered jointly by the departments of American Studies, Japanese Studies, Sinology and Modern and Contemporary History.

The degree program focuses on the critical examination of challenges such as populism, nationalism, regionalism, changing international-geopolitical power relations, climate change, and global threat scenarios such as terrorism, and its associated social challenges such as refugee movements and migration.

The Master’s degree program provides comprehensive knowledge of the historical interconnections of transcontinental spaces (Europe-Asia, Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic), which is seen as a prerequisite for understanding the genesis of global problems and discussing sustainable solution strategies.

The central element of the degree program “Empires and Transcontinental Spaces” is interdisciplinarity, which is understood in an integrative rather than an additive way. The Master combines the approaches of Area Studies with those of History and Cultural Studies and is decidedly research-oriented.

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