English and American Studies

English and American Studies (B.A.)

The degree program covers all relevant areas of English and American Studies. It also allows students to specialize in one of five key areas: American Studies, British Studies, Cultural Studies, Linguistics or Literary Studies. It is also possible to work towards a General Studies degree.

What is the degree program about?

Scholars in American Studies, British Studies or English linguistics deal scientifically with the language, literature and culture of English-speaking societies. The four sub-disciplines that make up the program are linguistics, literary studies, cultural studies and language practice. While British Studies focuses on the linguistic and cultural region of Great Britain, American Studies deals mainly with the United States and Canada. Other English-speaking regions that may play an important role are the Caribbean region, India, Australia and South Africa.

Questions asked in the course include: Why did English become a world language? What influence has the history of colonization had on British and American self-understanding? Why is Shakespeare a British icon, and why are his plays still popular? How are different cultural groups changing American and British society today? How can a literary text have very different meanings, and how can I figure them out? What role do popular novels and television series play in the formation of a national identity?

English and American Studies

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