English Studies

English Studies (M.A.)

Discover the all-English and research-rich English Studies degree program with two specializations: Culture and Literature and Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. Immerse yourself in literary and cultural history modules and combine them with interdisciplinary options.

What is the degree program about?

English Studies is a degree program with a strong research focus offering two areas of specialization:

Culture and Literature

This study path enables students to combine modules in literary and cultural history and theory with a broad range of interdisciplinary modules. Culture and Literature focuses on historical perspectives and involves two key areas of the humanities: the history of ideas and discourse analysis. Areas of expertise include:

  • Cultural Studies: focus on cultural history and popular culture with a particular emphasis on the intersections of culture with economics and politics. In addition to these areas, this focus concentrates on cultural and medial translation.
  • Literary Studies: relations between literature and other discourses such as philosophy, religion and politics.

Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

This study path focuses on describing and analyzing the English language in light of current linguistic theories and teaching approaches. The following topics are covered in the degree program:

  • the idiomatic element of language: construction grammar, valency theory, research on collocation and idiomaticity
  • foreign language teaching: lexicography, grammar, contrastive linguistics, speech perception and production, literacy development, bilingualism and bilingual education
  • first and second language acquisition and research on learner language
  • corpus linguistics: history and variation of the English language
  • advanced language modules

Students may study one of these specializations exclusively to obtain a degree in “MA English Studies: Culture and Literature” or in “MA English Studies: Linguistics and Applied Linguistics”, or they may choose to study a combination of the two fields to obtain the degree title of “MA English Studies”.

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