French Roman Studies

French Roman Studies (B.A.)

You are interested in the French cultural area, its literature, history and culture and would like to further (scientifically) deepen this knowledge as well as your language skills? Then this is the right place for you!

What is the degree program about?

French is not just something you can study for a teaching degree. But what exactly do you do when you choose the Bachelor’s program in French Romance Studies? Of course, language learning and theoretical reflection on the language and culture are the main focus. In addition to practical language courses (e.g., in grammar, text production, or pronunciation), seminars on the processes of development and transformation of language, literature, and culture are also an important part of the bachelor’s program. In addition to the language, of which you should already have a basic knowledge, you will therefore also deal academically with linguistics, cultural studies, literary studies and regional studies.

In a proseminar on French literary studies, for example, language problems, gender construction and identity aspects can be examined from the perspective of autobiographical writing. In a linguistics lecture, for example, you will study the French-speaking countries and territories of the world and language variation within this Francophonie.

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