German Language and Literature

German Language and Literature (M.A.)

Ready for the next level in German Language and Literature? The Master’s degree program offers you the opportunity to specialize and deepen your knowledge in one of three subfields: linguistics, medieval studies, and modern German literature. Explore the diversity of German language and literature and learn to analyze it historically, culturally, and regionally. Acquire valuable skills in your Master’s degree program in German Language and Literature for your professional future.

What is the degree program about?

The Master’s degree program in German Language and Literature builds on the fundamentals of the BA program and enables students to deepen their knowledge of the subject and specialize in one of the three German Language and Literature subfields of Linguistics, Medieval Studies and Modern German Literary Studies within four semesters. The degree program focuses on the German language and literature in their historical, socio-cultural and regional diversity as well as on the linguistic, literary and cultural methods and theories of their analysis. The acquired scientific, methodological and communicative competencies should enable students to act independently and creatively in their intended profession.



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