Japanese Studies

Japanese Studies (B.A.)

If you are interested in both our Japanese course with the highest level in the German-speaking world and in fascinating social and cultural phenomena from Japan that are not completely westernized and are more of a mix of futuristic and traditional elements, then this course is for you!

What is the degree program about?

This degree program aims for students to acquire high-level knowledge of the Japanese language and basic knowledge of Japanese society, theories, methods, and current research topics in order to be able to conduct independent social and cultural science analyses.

The basic education in Japanese studies naturally also includes learning the Japanese language. The language program of the Erlangen Department of Japanese Studies is structured in such a way that students who initially study syllabic writing and special features of pronunciation are gradually introduced to independent communication and use of the target language. Our goal is to train students in such a way that in the 6th semester they are able to deal with Japanese literature for their final thesis.

The goal of this program is for students to conduct original research. To this end, we provide careful supervision by helping students to appropriately narrow down their research objects and select appropriate theories and methods. In supervising the thesis, we go to great lengths to ensure that undergraduate students are also encouraged to make a new contribution to previous research.

Social science research on Japan has become increasingly important in the German-speaking world in recent years. It is against this background that this course was founded, with the expectation that students will acquire a secure command of Japanese and deepen their understanding of Japanese culture and society with reference to previous research. The aim is not only to learn to deal with the German and English-language specialist literature, but also to analyze current Japanese specialist literature and Japanese primary sources such as newspaper articles and social media posts.

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