Media Science

Media Science (M.A.)

The media world is a constantly growing and dynamic field that shapes and influences our everyday lives. The Master’s degree program in Media Studies offers the opportunity to view and analyze this complex field from different perspectives. Through an interdisciplinary approach, students not only learn current media science theories, but also acquire practical skills in dealing with digital media and new technologies. Graduates are thus ideally equipped to work successfully in a wide range of professional fields such as journalism, marketing or public relations.

What is the degree program about?

Whether photography, film, television, series, video, whether analog or digital images – as a decidedly research-oriented course of study, the Master’s degree in Media Studies aims to impart methodological, theoretical and analytical knowledge about (audio-)visual media. Technical image media and their historical predecessors are examined in their cultural, social and aesthetic dimensions, with a particular focus on the interconnections between individual (audio-)visual media and their practices. From handcrafted image artifacts to the image forms of the Internet, the course deals with a broad range of phenomena of visual cultures in both synchronic and diachronic perspectives.

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