Mediation of Art

Mediation of Art (M.A.)

The degree program in Art Education offers a unique teaching program that focuses on the effect of artistic work on human development. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of psychology, art history and education and combine them with your own passion for art. In this degree program, you design, implement and evaluate projects in various art education contexts at the same time as learning to take an academic approach. During your degree, you will carry out and evaluate art education projects. By connecting art and research, you create your own individual portfolio that prepares you for work in art education and for research into art education.

Please note: Enrollment for the Master’s degree program will be suspended for the coming winter semester 2024/25.

What is the degree program about?

The main focus of the degree program is the educational and psychological potential of artistic work. How does it affect people’s development in different stages and situations in life? How can artistic work be used effectively in teaching scenarios? Students connect fundamental aspects of psychology, art studies and education science with their own artistic work. They design, carry out and evaluate projects in different educational contexts which allows them to gain experience of academic work. Art education projects are designed, implemented and evaluated. Students reflect on their findings from this work and develop their own professional identity and understanding. By combining art and research, the students create their own individual portfolio preparing them for work in art education or in research into art education.

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