Molecular Science

Molecular Science (M.Sc.)

The master’s degree program Molecular Science is modular and allows great flexibility in the choice of course content.

What is the degree program about?

The Master degree program in Molecular Science is an advanced research focused study program in the respective subjects, which run over 4 semesters (two years).

Students in MSc Molecular Science may specialize in one of two exciting fields of modern, strongly interdisciplinary molecule-based research areas:

  •  Molecular Life Science focuses on drug discovery and molecular modelling,
  • Molecular Nanoscience focuses on nanomaterials, nanoanalytics, supramolecular chemistry and potential applications.

Students attend their core modules (Molecular Lifescience or Molecular Nanoscience) and add one Compulsory elective module from a list of available interdisciplinary topics. For the Elective modules students are encouraged to choose courses according to their own preferences from chemistry or other science disciplines. Alternatively, language courses, law, and business studies may be considered.

A six-month Master’s thesis gives the students a chance to develop a deeper understanding in a modern scientific topic of their choice.

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