Political Science

Political Science (B.A.)

Discover the exciting world of political science! The program offers you in-depth knowledge of political theories and practices as well as systems of government, international relations, and backgrounds in the history of ideas. Here you will find answers to questions that shape our daily lives. Who makes political decisions and why? How does the EU work and how can war and peace be explained? Become an expert on political connections and actively help shape the future!

What is the degree program about?

If you choose to study Political Science, you’ll explore politics in all its facets, in theory and practice. You’ll learn about the fundamental theoretical questions of politics and their basis in the history of ideas, about the German political system, foreign political systems, as well as international relations.

You will find answers to questions such as: Who is involved in the political decision-making processes? Who pursues what interests using what strategies? Why is the political system of one country more stable than that of another? How does the European Union work? How can war and peace among states be explained? What political ideas have emerged over time and how have they influenced politics?

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