Global connections – local relations

Global connections - local relations, with the help of FAU´s Alumni-Management. (Image: FAU/Giulia Iannicelli)
Global connections - local relations, with the help of FAU´s Alumni-Management. (Image: FAU/Giulia Iannicelli)

From now on, international alumni and students can network more closely and enhance the university´s worldwide appeal. For this reason, FAU´s Alumni-Management will initiate international alumni groups and establish FAU Scouts with the help of the FAU Alumni Portal.

Each year, more than 4,500 students and just under 900 doctoral candidates from abroad come to FAU to spend one or more semesters at the university or to complete an entire degree programme. After graduation, they usually return back home. At the same time, German FAU students and graduates set out into the world. FAU´s Alumni Portal, which is now available in English as well, helps them all to stay in touch with their alma mater and with each other.

Virtual communities within the FAU Alumni portal

FAU specifically supports the formation of alumni groups abroad, so that graduates and former students can optimally network around the globe – in cities, regions or at the national level. Organising events and meetings, exchanging photos or having discussions, all this is now possible with the new group function within the FAU Alumni portal as virtual communities can be founded. However, the members of the groups abroad shall not only be in touch with each other online, but shall also meet “offline”, by organising regulars´ tables for example – especially committed alumni may represent FAU abroad as so called FAU Scouts.

Scouts active for FAU

The FAU Scouts will take on responsible and externally visible tasks: “Our Scouts can serve as points of contact for other alumni or students on site, for example, by initiating contact with resident companies or by providing advice on studying at the local university. At student fairs, the Scouts represent FAU and inform interested parties about the university”, Imke Zottnick-Linster, Alumni-Manager at FAU, explains. The Scouts can profit professionally and personally from the international contacts and can enhance their own visibility as their profile will be published on FAU´s homepage together with a picture. In turn, FAU´s Alumni-Management supports the Scouts and their work by providing personal counselling and a comprehensive supply of informational material such as brochures and leaflets as well as merchandising products.

Join FAU´s Alumni Portal by registering free of charge via

Alumni groups abroad and FAU Scouts – eligibility at a glance:

  • You have studied at FAU for at least three months.
  • You are or were an international student or German student and will go abroad any time soon.
  • You are an alumni of FAU and live abroad.
  • You are interested in fostering contact abroad? Then get in touch with us at or send a message to “FAU Alumni Netzwerk” within the Alumni Portal.

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