9 euro ticket: All you need to know about the semester ticket

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What students need to know

The 9 euro ticket is on its way! The ticket has been approved by the German Federal Government as part of the energy relief package. The good news for students at FAU is that they don’t need to do anything, as their basic semester ticket is automatically valid as a 9 euro ticket. Students don’t need to buy a 9 euro ticket – the FAU basic ticket is valid automatically across Germany in June, July and August in local public transport as well as in regional transport services.

Basic semester ticket = 9 euro ticket

  • The basic ticket becomes a 9 euro ticket and is therefore valid across Germany in June, July and August for local public transport services as well as for regional transport services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • This also means that the basic semester ticket is valid at any time of day during these three months in the VGN network.
  • You must present your semester ticket, validated student ID/certificate of enrollment and ID card/passport as proof across Germany.
  • The refund for three months of the basic ticket of 10.50 euros will be issued by reducing the price of the basic ticket in winter semester 2022/23 (the basic ticket costs 12.50 euros per month (75 euros for 6 months)).
  • A refund of 103.50 euros for the additional ticket for the semester ticket will also be issued in July via the method of payment you used in your VGN customer account or by customer service centers of the companies that operate the ticket machines.

FAU semester ticket

More information

The Students’ Representatives have put together some useful examples and tips on their website: