FAU President Prof. Dr. Joachim Hornegger introduces the topic of the issue in the editorial of friedrich121 "Green is not enough": Sustainability.

Sustainability is often seen only as a fashionable buzzword for ecological issues. Yet the term encompasses much more. A short history of sustainability.

We have all tried it at one time or another: Changing habitual behaviour is not easy. Not even when we rationally understand that it is necessary - as with climate change. But there are ways in which we can overcome our inner pig.

Gender equality is a human right. Prof. Dr. Annette Keilhauer has become involved at various levels at FAU as a women’s representative for equal opportunities, striving to achieve a win-win situation in gender equality.

To make the world a better place, the global community must pull together and pursue common goals. Can this work?

The coronavirus pandemic hit the human race wholly unprepared and mercilessly exposed all its inequalities. It is also a catastrophe as far as ethics are concerned.

The human race is responsible for climate change. To establish more sustainable ways of living in our society, researchers at FAU are working on methods for integrating sustainable development into teaching concepts.

The climate is changing across the globe. There is no doubt about it. Researchers at FAU are exploring the impact this change is having on individual regions in the world in order to gain a better understanding of climate change as a whole. Their research takes them to the most inhospitable corners of the world.

Professor Wolfgang Kießling, palaeobiologist at FAU, is lead author of two chapters of the World Climate Report. In this interview, he tells us about this voluntary work and how the Earth, especially our oceans, is doing.