Plants have adapted to the climate in our latitudes over thousands of years. Now, temperatures are rising rapidly. How can we adapt our native flora?

Waste is piling up across the globe, whole islands of debris are forming in our oceans. What can we do about it? FAU is investigating several different approaches to master the growing mountains of waste.

Numerous expired medicines are thrown away in Germany every year. An FAU team has found a way to prepare the old medicines for research.

Germany’s government has set clear and ambitious objectives for the country’s transition to renewable energy, widely known as the Energiewende. Yet no great progress has been made so far. How can the energy transition gain more momentum?

We need new energy sources for the transition to renewable energy forms. Researchers at FAU are currently working on new technologies for climate neutral energy and heating.

Fewer business journeys, fewer commuters, fewer CO2 emissions: At first glance, the coronavirus pandemic seems to have had a positive effect on the drive towards sustainability. Under close scrutiny, however, the question inevitably arises: is digitalisation really more sustainable?

Climate change and growing inequality worldwide raise the question of a just economic order. Do we need a completely new economic system? FAU researchers share their views.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the world of work and sped up the pace of digital transformation. Is this just a short-term adjustment to new circumstances – or a change in thinking over the longer term?

They appear as if from nowhere and take the world by storm before returning to obscurity. Trends are the opposite of sustainability. The only ‘sustainable’ thing about them is our vague recollection of them once they have been banned to limbo.