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We can help you with deciding on a career path and starting your career. We are happy to check your application documents or help you with preparing for interviews. During individual consultations, we can help you with any questions you may have and give you some advice for the first steps of your career.

We are still here for you. We are happy to provide advice by phone or via Zoom. Please use our contact form to arrange an appointment.

Even if you have not yet completed your studies, you should address the questions relevant for a successful career start and further development. We do not make your decisions for you or offer ready-made solutions. Rather, we see consulting as a process in which we provide you with guidance and support and inspire you to find your own solutions. We want to work out your prospects, determine your talents and resources together with you and assist you in making your own decisions.

When you apply for placement positions or jobs in the United Kingdom or North America, the two most important documents are the cover letter and the CV. There are some major formal differences compared to German applications.

We do not offer to prepare your application for you, we merely offer to optimise it. In our review we will check whether you have observed all formalities and the language used is correct. We will also check whether both the formal and logical structure are in line with the appropriate conventions. We will give you feedback and, if required, point out what still needs improving. You can then give us your new version for another review.

Please send us both documents (cover letter, CV) as Word documents to If you are responding to a specific job advertisement, please include this too. The check of application documents is only offered via email.

The processing time is one week on average.


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