CIO committees

CIO committees

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) and the CIO committees are responsible for the strategic coordination of information and communications technology (ICT) throughout the university.

This results in:

  • The best possible support for processes in research, teaching and administration through the use of appropriate ICT technologies
  • Improved internal and external service quality through the use of ICT technologies; and
  • The ability to connect heterogeneous ICT structures and circumvent problems associated with these and also ensure data security at the university

CIO committee

On behalf of the Executive Board, the CIO committee develops FAU’s ICT strategy on the basis of the university’s policies in order to achieve these goals. The CIO committee advises the Executive Board on strategic decisions relating to aspects of ICT.

CIO/IO committee

The CIO/IO committee coordinates the interests of the faculties, students and other stakeholders within the university.

The factors relating to the form, operation and requirements of an ICT system are incredibly complex in a large university with its various disciplines; they need to be adequately reflected in the ICT strategy and central guidelines and decisions relevant to ICT-related matters. Because of this, the CIO committee is supplemented by a CIO/IO committee that includes two Information Officers (IOs) per faculty and IOs of other stakeholder groups (library, students). This ensures efficient communication with the individual subject areas.

The group provides advice on development of the ICT strategy and takes the expertise and interests of the various faculties and students into account in its planning. Concepts for optimising FAU’s ICT structure are drawn up and the ICT strategy and measures designed for its optimisation are implemented.

The structure and tasks of the committees are defined in theCIO agreement.

Members of the CIO committees

Note: The information on individual persons is generated automatically from UnivIS – FAU’s information system.

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Note: The information on individual persons is generated automatically from UnivIS – FAU’s information system.

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