Senior officers

Implementing regulations and targets

FAU has appointed senior officers and established offices for managing different aspects of university teaching, research and work. The senior officers are responsible for implementing provisions and targets with regard to equality, occupational health and safety, data protection and staff training. The following overview lists all officers and their contact details.

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The data protection officer advises all members, committees and university bodies on everything to do with data protection. The data protection officer is responsible for:

  • Conducting data protection approval procedures and keeping a record of procedures
  • Ensuring that data protection rules are observed

For further information and contacts please refer to the section on data protection at FAU

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The DFG Liaison Officer must be informed of any applications for DFG funding programmes. They are also responsible for liaising between the University and DFG.

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The Green Office is responsible for coordinating everything to do with sustainability and climate protection at FAU. It is run jointly by students and members of staff. It coordinates, consolidates and initiates projects and activities relating to sustainability at the University. At the same time, it acts as a platform helping students and members of staff to promote sustainability.

see Green Office at FAU

Contacts for corruption prevention

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see Corruption prevention

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