Senior officers

Monitoring policy and objectives

FAU has appointed senior officers and established offices for managing different aspects of university teaching, research and work. The senior officers are responsible for implementing provisions and targets, with regard to equality, occupational health and safety, data protection and staff training. The following overview lists all officers and their contact details.

Please note: The details on individual persons are generated automatically from UnivIS - Information System of the FAU.

Ombudsmann (Amtszeit bis 30.09.2022)

Stellvertreter (Amtszeit bis 30.09.2024)

See Commission for the Investigation of Scientific Misconduct

  • Prof. Dr. Sturm, Roland
  • Der Vertrauensdozent ist von der Antragsstellung im Rahmen von DFG-Foerderprogrammen zu unterrichten. Ferner hat er die Aufgabe, vermittelnd zwischen Universität und DFG tätig zu sein.

The DFG Liaison Officer must be informed of any applications for DFG funding programmes. They are also responsible for liaising between the University and DFG.

See Equality Officer (in German)


See Data Protection Officer (in German)

See Occupational Safety (in German)



Stellvertretung der Schwerbehindertenvertretung