FAU's mission

Founded in 1743, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) retains a strong sense of tradition while delivering the minds and ideas of tomorrow and safeguarding academic responsibility. Knowledge in motion at FAU describes our culture of intensive networking across one of the broadest ranges of research and subject disciplines for innovative research and teaching. Innovation, diversity and passion inspire our activities across the areas of People, Education‚ Research and Outreach from a regional and international perspective.


As FAU is a university that offers the entire spectrum of academic disciplines and opportunities across diverse research areas, departments and institutes, all members of the University benefit from personal and professional development. Our young researchers prosper through intensive training at the highest international standards, opening all pathways to a successful research career. This approach entails taking on responsibility early on, independent research and teaching and further training within and outside the University. Our professors are ambassadors and role models who set standards for the university community.

We encourage a modern university leadership approach that is sensitive to issues of diversity. Our organisational, management and decision-making structures in research, teaching and administration are constantly adapted to focus on successful knowledge management. We promote effective and efficient administration to support our outstanding research.

Ensuring equal opportunities is a prime concern to the University. We value all University employees, regardless of gender, sexual identity, ethnicity, religious beliefs or world views, social background, age or disability. We oppose all forms of discrimination and advocate a balance between study, work and family life.


We are committed to developing our teaching in line with our responsibility to education. We respect the standards and methods of individual disciplines and the need for research and evidence-based teaching. We attach the same importance to educating our students to apply their knowledge and skills independently, responsibly and for the benefit of society.

Our international perspective promotes mobility and attracts students from all over the world to our University. We believe in life-long learning through further education opportunities that enable people to deepen and expand knowledge and skills at all stages of life. We are ready to face the challenges of internationalisation and digitalisation in teaching with targeted strategic measures, also in teacher training, which are of utmost importance for fulfilling our educational mission that reaches deep into society.


We are one of the leading research universities in Germany and continuously invest in our privileged research infrastructure. We ensure the freedom of research to facilitate scientific progress. We are dedicated to the unity of research and teaching and place equal focus on basic research and practical applications. Our efforts focus on developing meaningful areas of knowledge and research for the future of science and society.

We achieve scientific progress through interdisciplinary research by the best subject experts. We promote interdisciplinary collaboration, maximising the potential for scientific progress and new research areas. Our key research priorities provide a clear strategic direction for research at our University, making FAU an attractive partner for national and international projects.

We are aware of the social responsibility and consequences of our research. We comply with recognised ethical and moral standards on national and international levels and proactively campaign for the development of these standards by contributing to transparent, public and interdisciplinary dialogue. In our approach, we value responsible behaviour and pave the way towards fair and peaceful coexistence of people, cultures and nations.


As an innovative full-spectrum university founded on diversity with an outward-looking, international perspective, FAU is committed to promoting mutual understanding between cultures and ways of life. We promote commitment, constructive input and cooperative networking within the University and with external partners such as companies, research institutes and educational and cultural institutions on a regional, national and international level.

The five central pathways of FAU’s knowledge and technology transfer strategy are people, training, partnerships, patents and licences, and spin-offs. By communicating knowledge professionally, proactively and passionately, we make science accessible and inform society. We maintain a thriving and international alumni network of former students and professors, friends and supporters – across generations and disciplines.