Mission: teaching and studying

FAU's mission for teaching and studying

Strengthen the unity of research and teaching

As a strong research university, FAU is committed to uniting research and teaching, and ensures that pioneering research is used as a basis for teaching, both in individual subjects and in the new areas of research which are emerging at the points where they meet. Teaching at FAU introduces students to research topics from an early stage in their studies and offers them the opportunity to become actively involved in research.

Make FAU more international and cosmopolitan and increase mobility

FAU is intent on making its degree programmes ever more international, maintains international partnerships and supports the mobility of its lecturers and staff. Students and lecturers are encouraged to broaden their horizons through international contacts and stays abroad and to use these experiences at FAU to generate new ideas for studying, teaching and research.

Encourage innovative teaching and creativity

FAU is committed to critically reviewing existing models of study and sustainably supporting both traditional and new forms of teaching and learning. It aims to strengthen and further develop traditional teaching methods, while also enabling new ideas to be put into practice in suitable styles of teaching. FAU strongly believes in life-long learning and aims to consistently expand its range of further education opportunities to enable people to deepen and expand their knowledge at all stages of life.

Develop opportunities for learning at all levels of university education

FAU actively supports its students’ personal development and is committed to offering a variety of degree programmes and further education opportunities at all stages of university education. It creates and supports special initiatives designed to develop and implement new models of study. FAU has a range of special programmes which enable students with alternative educational backgrounds to study at the University, while taking into account the issues surrounding gender and diversity and the challenges of a changing society. FAU involves its alumni in an ongoing dialogue.

Develop services and infrastructures

At FAU, we believe that the basis for good teaching is not only an excellent offer of degree programmes but also the best possible teaching and learning environment. The University’s Central Institutes, Facilities and Administration work efficiently to support teaching and research, and provide expert advice to lecturers and students. The services and infrastructure for studying and teaching are continuously monitored and adapted to suit changing and rising demands. FAU supports this development through a process-orientated quality management system for teaching and studying.

Participation and identification – take responsibility and make decisions together

At FAU, active discussion of the goals and content of modern teaching is the foundation used to continually develop the degree programmes on offer. FAU supports this exchange between lecturers and students of all subjects, which promotes the development of each subject’s unique identity and profile, and ensures that lecturers and students can identify with the subjects on offer. FAU believes that it is crucial to include students and lecturers in the development and quality assurance processes for its degree programmes.