Book Studies

Book Studies (B.A.)

Discover the fascinating world of book studies! Immerse yourself in the diverse communicative processes that underlie writing-based media. At our center, we explore not only books, but also newspapers, magazines, and the latest electronic formats such as e-books, apps, and blogs. Our focus is on understanding how these media are created, distributed, and used by people. We take you on an exciting journey back in time to better understand contemporary reading and writing.

What is the degree program about?

Book studies examines the communicative processes that underlie writing-based media. We therefore look at the book as well as the newspaper and magazine, are interested in the printed variants as well as in the electronic ones such as e-books, apps, and blogs. The focus is on the question of how the writing-based media are produced, distributed, and used. We always look to the past to understand what is contemporary.

If you are interested in books, newspapers and magazines and, above all, want to learn about the processes that underlie them, then you have come to the right place.

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